What is bonuus, and how to start?

Bonuus is a strategy that uses typical elements of game to encourage engagement with a product or service. It is often used in apps or on websites. Find out how gamification can boost your engagement!

Become a master of your own journey

Bonuus can include elements such as leaderboards, badges and rewards. It’s a way of motivating users by adding in a sense of competition. In addition, Bonuus™ uses this concept with time-based interactions and scoring in an environment where users define their own journey.

With Bonuus, the gamified journey presents time-based interactions to users which propose various choices. Through these choices, your users become a master of their own journey. The choices they make define the next part of their path, and each user has their own distinct experience.

Experiencing content in this way helps users to become more connected and engaged. Gamification makes users a character in their own ‘game’, choosing the right path and achieving the best scores acts as a catalyst for motivation and knowledge retention.

Your core focus

With our platform, creating and sharing gamified content is easy. Bonuus allows everyone to create content that can be accessed by more people so that knowledge can be shared. It’s efficient, effective and effortless. So, how do you do it?

You first need to figure out the aims and objectives of your content. You can use gamification to educate, market, onboard and everything in between. However, creating your objectives first helps you to focus and ensure all of the elements you include will work to achieve your end goal.

Storyboarding is an important part of the process which shouldn’t be missed out. A storyboard helps you to lay out everything about your content from start to finish. This includes visuals, text, any interactions you may have, how your content will navigate and any other important elements you’d like to include.

You can think of your storyboard as a blueprint. It will serve a purpose for everyone who will be working to create your content such as designers, producers, narrators and developers. It may be useful to run a story workshop beforehand to help shape your document.

Create ,build, publish, share, play

Once you have completed your storyboard creating your content will be straight forward. With the Near-Life platform it’s easy to create your gamified content, plus we were here to guide you through every step.

You firstly upload all of your media and then create your game map which should be easy to follow from your storyboard document. Your media can be anything from a presentation, media filmed on your mobile phone or even filmed using big video production.

Then, you can add in your interactions. With Bonuus,  your interactions are the choices that you present your users with. They don’t have to be complicated, but these will form your gamified elements; your user journey. Your storyboard will be most useful here, it’ll ensure that you can correctly create your game map so that users can navigate through the content properly.

Once you’ve built out your content, you can then publish and share. With Bonuus, you can embed your content onto a site of your choice, share across social platforms and even embed into your own LMS.

The only thing left to do now is to allow your users to experience your content. You can even measure and track their interactions on our platform so that you can continuously improve any future content and understand your users better.

Are you ready for bonuus?

Why not try it for yourself with a free trial of Bonuus. Or, if you want to know more we’d love to speak with you. Book in for a demo with one of our experienced team members and let us show you how you can easily create gamified experiences to improve your content.